Tell us your Story

Hello all,

The Reunion is over and we had a good time. It was good to see Ralph, Ed, and many other faculty from our days at LSTC. As usual, I spent a lot of time with Gerry in the kitchen.

The new Chapel is amazing, the addition of the McCormick seminary building makes the center feel more, well, centered. And the addition of a campus pastor is very welcome – God knows we could have used that in our day.

We would (still) love to help you share your experience.

Please share a story that captures something of what you have learned or experienced in the last twenty years.

First Option: You can do this my sending me at email:
I will post your story within a few days of receiving it.

Second Option: You can also just make a comment to this post. I suggest you write it in a word processor and then cut and paste into the document. If you have problems, you can always email me at the above address!

Terry Kyllo,

Reunion WebMonkey

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One Response to Tell us your Story

  1. I liked how Kevin formed his missive, and…subversive leader that he is, I will be more than happy to follow along.

    My first call was outside of Chicago, and after three years I went to graduate school at Luther Seminary where I received a doctorate in Systematic Theology on the relationship between the Triune God and Christian congregations. Chris (class of 1987) and I served a congregation in Blaine, MN for seven years.

    After that, we went to Bismarck, ND where I was the “Teaching Pastor” for four years. Chris finally was ordained in 2007, and she was an Associate Pastor at another congregation up here. I resigned my call, and did some interim work in prairie congregations until 2008 when I began a New Start congregation in non-traditional ministries. I have been at Prairie Table Ministries since then. Chris has recently taken a call in Omaha, NE, and I will be joining her down there later this summer.

    Since 2005 I have been an adjunct professor in Congregational Leadership and Mission at Luther Seminary, where I teach primarily in the Doctor of Ministry program. Over that time I have enjoyed getting to meet many pastors, not only in the ELCA, but also in denominations from across the country. I once even taught at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, but we won’t go into that…

    Rachel is at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, and she is studying philosophy and religion…but since she joined us for so many of our senior classes back in 1990-91, most of you probably are not surprised. Our youngest Madeleine is graduating from high school in a few months, and she is preparing to go to college somewhere (almost certainly a place that does not have snow!).

    As of today (January 31, 2011), I am not sure if I will be able to meet with you all in Chicago, but I working on it…I trust that hand of God has kept you all well, lifted you when necessary, prodded you when needed, and loved you faithfully.

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